Total Auto Air Compressor TTAC2506 12-13.5V 120PSI



  • Item No. : TTAC2506
  • Voltage: DC12-13.5V
  • Rated Current: 18A
  • Flow Rate: 45L/min.
  • Max.Pressure: 120PSI

To Inflate Truck Utility Vehicles,Cars, and Motorcycle Tires:

1. To achieve optimal performance, when operating your air compressor your vehicle's engine should be running.

2. Plug the compressor's power cord into the battery of your vehicle. Screw the air hose's brass valve tip directly onto the tires' air valve.

3. Turn the compressor ON-begin to inflate tire.

4. When the pressure gauge indicates the desired pressure. Switch the unit OFF and remove the air hose from the valve (normal tire pressure is 28-35PSI).


Precautions on use:

1. Allow sufficient cooling time before storing.

2. All parts are lifetime lubricated, and no oiling is required.

3. To avoid low voltage of auto battery, please have the engine running when using the air compressor.

4. Be sure the unit's power switch is in the OFF position when not in use.


For all other Inflatable Objects Including Bicycle Tires, Rafts, Air Beds, and Sports Balls:

1. Start your vehicle's engine, then plug the compressor's power cord into the battery.

2. A selection of nozzles is provided to fit most inflatable objects. Simply screw the appropriate nozzle into the brass tip of the air hose.

3. Attach the appropriate nozzle to the inflatable object and turn on the power switch. When the object is inflated to desired firmness or pressure, turn the compressor off.