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10 units minimum
JC Kawasaki 8210C+ Planer 1,216.00
JC Kawasaki SP3100C+ Angle Grinder 970.00
JC Kawasaki SP3113B Angle Grinder 700.00
JC Kawasaki SP3100B Angle Grinder 950.00
JC Kawasaki 2010ER Drill 800.00
J.C. Kawasaki 2213NVR Impact Drill 845.00
JC Kawasaki 4230 Jigsaw 1,010.00
JC Kawasaki 1185G Circular Saw 1,745.00
JC Kawasaki 6933N Blower 855.00
JC Kawasaki 9213B+ Router 2,290.00
JC Kawasaki 9313B+ Router 2,565.00
JC Kawasaki DP3180N Polisher 2,155.00
JC Kawasaki BC411 Brush Cutter 3,125.00
JC Kawasaki 2213NER Drill 867.00
JC Kawasaki HM2651B  Demolition Hammer 5,415.00
JC Kawasaki MC5801 Chainsaw 22" 4,250.00
JC Kawasaki 2010NR Drill 590.00
JC Kawasaki BC415 Brush Cutter 3,125.00
JCK SG3126 Straight Grinder 2,265.00
JC Kawasaki SG3105 Straight Grinder 2,261.00
JC Kawasaki 6313 Cut off Machine 14" 3,350.00
J.C. Kawasaki SP3111B Angle Grinder 4" 675.00
J.C. Kawasaki 8310B+ Wood Planer 2,250.00
Fortech Chainsaw Stand Attachment for 4" Angle Grinder 330.00
10 units minimum
Mailtank SH-89 Welding Machine MMA-200A 2,205.00
Mailtank SH-102 Welding Machine MMA-405A 3,105.00
Mailtank SH-28 Heat Gun 590.00
Mailtank SH-16 Polisher 1,260.00
Mailtank P098 Circular Saw 1,485.00
Mailtank SH-33 Auto Darkening Helmet 585.00
Mailtank SH-34 Auto Darkening Helmet 675.00
Mailtank SH-91 Auto Darkening Helmet 810.00
Mailtank SH-121 Router Bit Set 1/4 Inches Shank (12 pcs) 435.00
MailTank SH90 Auto Darkening Welding Goggles 486.00
Mailtank SH123 Chainsaw Attachment 450.00
Mailtank SH-326 Power Mixer 1050W 1,900.00
Mailtank SH189 Drill 18V 1,100.00
Mailtank  SH190 Cordless Drill 32V 2,070.00
Mailtank  SH53 Cordless Impact Wrench 2,880.00
Mailtank  0810 / SH94 Demolition Hammer 2,595.00

Mailtank MMA-400 DC Inverter Welding Machine with Carrying Case
Mailtank P099 Cut-Off Machine 7" 2,205.00
Mailtank MMA-300 DC Inverter Welding Machine 2,430.00
Mailtank SH116 Palm Sander 945.00
Mailtank P096 / SH51 Circular Saw 1,360.00
Mailtank Diamond Cup Wheel 4" 85.00
Mailtank MMA-305 DC Inverter Welding Machine 2,200.00
Mailtank SH-58 Demolition Hammer / Jack Hammer 4,820.00
Mailtank SH-38 Oil-less Air Compressor 3,930.00
Mailtank SH02 Angle Grinder 4" (Variable Speed) 900.00
Mailtank SH-121 Router Bit Set 1/2 Inches Shank (12 pcs) 513.00
MailTank 10 meters Welding Cable with Electrode Holder and Connector 622.00
Mailtank SH-197 MIG/MMA 250 Flux Cored DC Inverter Welding Machine (Fluxcored) 2-in-1


Mailtank SH59 Marble Cutter / Tile Cutter 905.00
Mailtank SH15 Air Blower 485.00
Mailtank SH29 Jigsaw 625.00
Mailtank SH09 Impact Drill / Hammer Drill 710.00
Mailtank SH348G Oil-less Air Compressor 4,715.00
Mailtank SH04 SDS-plus Rotary Hammer 2,165.00
Mailtank SH134 Palm Router / Trimmer with Carrying Case 725.00
Mailtank SH8301 Welding Machine Socket Connector 75.00
Mailtank SH363 21V Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2" Drive 2,868.00
Mailtank SH05-04A Impact Drill + Angle Grinder (Combo Kit) 1,440.00
Mailtank SH353G 3in1 MIG/ARC/TIG DC Inverter Welding Machine 4,845.00


10 units minimum
Powerhouse PHBK-828 Blower 1,200.00
Powerhouse PH-20V-CIMD13MM Cordless Impact Drill 4,200.00
Powerhouse PHH-C7 Circular Saw 2,080.00
Powerhouse PH-MS10 Miter Saw 6,000.00
Powerhouse PHB-GSB-13RE Impact Drill 1,520.00
Powerhouse PH-4113 Drill Press 13MM 5,200.00
Powerhouse PH-4116 Drill Press 16MM 11,000.00
Powerhouse PH-4116HD Drill Press 16MM 12,800.00
Powerhouse PH-4120 Drill Press 20MM 16,800.00
Powerhouse PH-5125 Drill Press 25MM 21,600.00
Powerhouse PH-5132 Drill Press32MM 37,200.00
Powerhouse PHM-1900B Planer 1,800.00
Powerhouse PHB-6100 Angle Grinder 980.00
Powerhouse PH-125 Bench Grinder 1,520.00
Powerhouse PH-150 Bench Grinder 1,960.00
Powerhouse PH-200 Bench Grinder 2,400.00
Powerhouse PH-250 Bench Grinder 6,800.00
Powerhouse PH-BK109 Heat Gun 1,320.00
Powerhouse PHM-0810 Demolition Hammer 4,320.00
Powerhouse PHB-2-26-DRE Rotary Hammer 2,600.00
Powerhouse PH-EM120MM Electric Mixer 2,200.00
Powerhouse PH-K2 100 Pressure Washer 3,400.00
Powerhouse PH-K2 120 Pressure Washer 3,960.00
Powerhouse PH08-6 GAL Vacuum Cleaner 3,000.00
Powerhouse PH09-10GALLONS Vacuum Cleaner 10GALLONS 4,800.00
Powerhouse PHM-3612BR Router 3,800.00
Powerhouse PHM-9035 Orbital Sander 1,440.00
Powerhouse PH-BK6006 Jigsaw 1,640.00
Powerhouse PH-14 Cut-Off Machine 4,320.00
PowerHouse Welding Gloves Heavy Duty 17″ 222.00
Powerhouse PH-PPRWM-32 PPR Fusion Welding Machine 1,280.00
Powerhouse PH-PPRWM-63 PPR Fusion Welding Machine 1,600.00
Powerhouse PH-ESG-600S Electric Spray Gun 2,640.00
10 units minimum
Hokage MMA-200A Welding Machine 2,205.00
Hokage MMA-250A Welding Machine 2,385.00
Hokage HKG-PW120 Pressure Washer 2,565.00
Hokage HKG-AD160 Auto Darkening Helmet 800.00
Hokage HKG-ID650K Impact Drill 1,225.00
Hokage HKG-71013/6 Impact Drill 855.00
Hokage AG954 Angle Grinder 610.00
Hokage HKG-JS650 Jigsaw 990.00
Hokage 204 pcs Combination Drill Bit Set 1,616.00
Hokage HKG-1400 Circular Saw 1,980.00
Hokage PT35 PVC Pipe Welding Machine 1/2-1'" 900.00
Hokage PT36 PVC Pipe Welding Machine 1/2-2" 1,350.00
Hokage HKG-TS800 Table Saw 8" 2,717.00
Hokage MS600 Mini Saw (Rotorazer) 2,250.00
Hokage Mini Saw Blade Set (3pcs) for MS600 or Rotorazer 450.00
Hokage COM14 Cut-Off Machine 2,640.00
Hokage RH26 SDS-plus Rotary Hammer 2,205.00
Hokage TIG / MMA 215A DC Inverter Welding Machine 6,888.00
Hokage TIG / MMA 300A DC Inverter Welding Machine 8,075.00
Hokage AD33 Auto Darkening Helmet 585.00
Hokage AD34 Auto Darkening Helmet 595.00
Hokage AD91 Auto Darkening Helmet 810.00
Hokage BX6 200A Stainless Body Welding Machine 2,880.00
Hokage BX6 300A Stainless Body Welding Machine 3,150.00
Hokage MMA-405 Inverter Welding Machine 3,015.00
Hokage WB007 Workbench 1,025.00
Hokage BM18008 Polisher / Buffing Machine 1,980.00
Hokage Router Bit Set 1/4 Inches Shank (12 pcs) 435.00
Hokage Router Bit Set 1/2 Inches Shank (12 pcs) 446.00


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