Sonic SGT-168 All Metal Gas Torch (Butane Powered)


  • For extra heavy duty use
  • Tube: Brass with plating
  • Patented system allows the unit to be used safely to any angle after preheating for two minutes
  • Multi-function for home and workshop use

It features an easy to use design that is innovative and original, having a powerful flame that is adjustable to suit every task.

This Appliance shall be used with SONIC butane Gas Cartridge 250g.
Professional torch for all needs.
Please use in well ventilated areas.


  • Paint stripping
  • Soldering pipe joints
  • Lighting BBQ and fire
  • Thawing frozen water pipes
  • Loosening rusty nuts and bolts
  • Cooking such as caramelizing sugar
  • Hobby and craftwork, model making

Torch only. Butane Gas not yet included.

Compatible with Sonic, Galaxy or Bounce Butane Gas