Mailtank SH102 MMA-405 Inverter Welding Machine



DC Inverter Type Welding Machine

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Feature Selector for Easy of Use
  • Overheating protection
  • Digital Amp Meter


    Current: 400A

    Feature Selection Guide:

    Hot Start - Electrode Pre-heating on the weld start. Makes electrode priming easier and prevents it from sticking when cold. ArcForce:Provides the ability to weld with a very short arc even touching the welding material. . Prevents the electrode to get welded to the material when they stick together.

    Arc force. The ability to adjust the amount of dig for the best weld result. It also refers to the technology that provides the power source with additional amperage during low-voltage (short arc length) conditions. In this case, it helps you avoid “sticking” the SMAW electrode when a short arc length is used


    6 Months Service Warranty