Fire Buster FB911 Portable Fire Suppressor / Mini Fire Extinguisher

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Fire Buster FB911 Fire Suppressor / Extinguisher
  • FIRE BUSTER 911 Fire Fighting Tool is a strong, accurate, fast and effective safety tool to extinguish fire. Just point and spray.
  • It works on household fire including paper, fabric wood, cooking oil, electrical appliances, automotive fire and many more.
  • If you're looking for a fire safety product that is easy to handle during an emergency, FIRE BUSTER 911 is the best product for you.
  • Very compact and lightweight, can fit in any side pockets of any bags or backpacks.
  • The 350g can can last up to 25-seconds spray continuous spray.
  • The capacity of the Fire buster is equivalent to a 15-lbs Regular Fire Extinguisher.
  • Weight: 350 g

  • Country of Origin: Korea