Bosch EasyAquatak 100 Portable High Pressure Washer (w/ 360° Adjustable Nozzle)


Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Electric Pressure Washer 1200w 0 600 8A7 E70

Compact and quick producing effortless cleaning performance.

User benefit
* The Bosch 360° Gun allows the jet to be angled so even unseen dirt can be easily removed
* One handed operation means the free hand can hold lighter items or move the item whilst cleaning, making the process quicker and more thorough.
* The nozzle can be adjusted from a forceful cleaning jet to gentle rinsing, ideal for windows

* The high-pressure detergent nozzle reduces cleaning time by quickly applying the soap. Ideal for deeper cleaning on cars or waste bins.
* Compact, portable design with a broad base for extra stability.
* Ready to use out of the box so no customer assembly required

Technical data
* Motor power 1.200 W
* Max. pressure 100 bar
* Max. flow rate 300 l/h
* Max. flow temperature 40 °C
* Self priming capability 0.5 m
* Detergent system High pressure foam
* Motor type Series
* Pump type 3 cylinder
* Cable length 5 m
* Hose length 3 m (PVC)
* Weight (without accessories) 3,0 kg

* Compact, Ready to use out of the box 
* Simple, quick connect fittings 
* Self priming/use with water tanks 
* Water filter 
* Auto-stop system 
* High pressure foam system 
* Mobility
* Weight of machine 3 kg
* Hose length 3 m
* Hose type PVC
* High pressure hose reel No
* Voltage 220 V

The high-pressure cleaner EasyAquatak 100

It is hardly compact and handy: the EasyAquatak 100 is not only space-saving and sturdily built, but with a pressure of 100 bar it also supports particularly efficiently in a wide variety of outdoor cleaning tasks. An adjustable 360 ​​° nozzle helps you effortlessly remove hard-to-reach dirt. 

Versatile applications

No matter whether you want to clean your car, bicycle or garden furniture - the EasyAquatak 100 high-pressure cleaner can be used in a variety of ways. A tank attached to the nozzle can be filled with detergent and is thus suitable for even more efficient cleaning of eg vehicles or trash cans.

Flexible 360 ​​° nozzle

The high-pressure cleaner is supplied with a nozzle that can be adjusted by 360 °. This is especially helpful when the pollution is in hard to reach places. In seconds you can set the nozzle as desired and convenient cleaning can begin.

Stable construction

Due to the low center of gravity of the high-pressure cleaner and the wide base, the EasyAquatak 100 is particularly stable in use. You can therefore use it easily anywhere - for example, on an uneven lawn.

Variable fan-beam attachment

To ensure that the cleaning can be individually adapted to the object and the dirt, the nozzle has a fan-jet attachment. This allows you to set the desired cleaning strength variable - for cleaning light to persistent dirt.

Simple water withdrawal

The self-priming function of the high-pressure cleaner is especially useful if you want to use water from tanks or tanks for cleaning. If necessary, you can connect the water hose of the EasyAquatak 100 to a water tank and the pump automatically sucks the water.

Handy and compact

With the practical handle and the low weight of less than 4 kilograms, you can easily transport the pressure washer EasyAquatak 100 to the desired location. The cleaning hose can be stored directly on the device to save space - for compact handling and storage.



  • The Easy tools from Bosch - the handy helpers, for all small projects
  • The high-pressure cleaner EasyAquatak 100 - easy, convenient and efficient cleaning thanks to the 360 ​​° adjustable nozzle
  • The strength of the cleaning can be individually adjusted by the flexible fan jet attachment
  • Very handy and compact thanks to sturdy design and space-saving storage of the cleaning hose
  • Scope of delivery: EasyAquatak 100, 360 ° nozzle incl. Detergent tank, cardboard