Bosch GlassVAC Solo Plus Cleaner


Key product features

  • Bosch Automotive rubber coating provides a smooth glide for fast results
  • Compact design for easier handling, even in confined spaces
  • Complete a wider range of applications with even more optional accessories
  • Ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles, showers, and vacuuming up spillages
  • Cleans up to 35 windows on one charge

Technical key data

Battery voltage 3,6 V
Cleaning performance per battery charge Approx. 105 = 35 windows m²
Runtime 30 mins
Battery capacity 2 Ah
Charging time 130 min
Dirty water tank capacity 100 ml
Machine weight 0,7 kg
Machine height 222 mm

Comes complete with

  • Large suction head
  • Spray applicator bottle
  • Large microfibre cloths
  • Micro USB Cable

Integrated 3.6 volts battery
Cleaning: 105 sq.meter per charge
Large suction head: 266 mm
Large microfiber cloth: 276 mm
Dirty water capacity: 100 ml
Spray applicator bottle capacity: 300 ml
Includes micro USB cable

0 600 8B7 200