Bosch GHG 20-63 Heat Gun



The heat gun with the greatest ease of use

    • Heating automatically switches off and cools when overheating, for long service life
    • Three working temperature settings
    • Airflow and temperature control in steps of ten for precise working

    1 Year Parts & Service Warranty

    Technical data

    Rated input power 2,000  W
    Weight 0.6  kg

    Specifications, use

    Working temperature 50 - 630  °C
    Airflow 150 - 500  l/min
    Continuously variable temperature control
    Control, airflow 3-stage 

    1 x Reduction nozzle
    1 x Glass Protection nozzle 75mm
    1 x Welding shoe
    1 x Surface Nozzle 50mm
    1 x Reflector nozzle