Bosch GCO 220 Cut Off Machine 14"

An excellent investment on productivity
  • +20% lifetime vs predecessor with use of 3rd Gen #9 motor and improved gearing system
  • More portable to jobsites by 2kg less in weight while maintaining same quality standards
  • Keep same cutting capacity and robustness as GCO 200
    Why this tool?
    • High Cutting Efficiency
    • High overload capacity
    • Stability even on uneven surfaces Robust base with rubber feet
    Specification overview
    Rated power input 2,200 W
    Cutting capacity, rectangle 100 x 196 mm
    Cutting capacity, square 119 x 119 mm
    Cutting capacity, L-profile 130 x 130 mm
    No-load speed 3,800 rpm
    Weight without cable 17 kg
    Saw blade bore 25.4 mm
    Saw blade diameter 355 mm