Bosch EasyAquatak 100 Portable High Pressure Washer (w/ Long Lance)



  • Compact
  • Simple, quick connect fittings
  • Self priming/use with water tanks
  • Water filter
  • All metal pump
  • Auto-stop system
  • Long Lance with ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE

Technical data

Motor power 1.200 W
Max. pressure 100 bar
Max. flow rate 300 l/h
Max. flow temperature 40 °C
Self priming capability 0,5 m
Motor type Series
Pump type 3 cylinder
Cable length 5 m
Hose length 3 m (PVC)
Weight (without accessories) 3,3 kg
Lances Lance
Nozzles Variable fan jet nozzle
Hose reel Manual

Noise / vibration information

Measured values determined according to EN 60335
Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions).

Vibration emission value ah 2.0 m/s²
Uncertainty K 0.7 m/s²

Measured values for noise determined according to 2000/14/EC. The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level 80 dB(A); Sound power level 91 dB(A). Uncertainty K= 3 dB.


Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Electric Pressure Washer