Bosch D-tect 200 C Wall Scanner / Floor Scanner



The wall scanner for exceptional results: top performance and easy documentation

  • Bosch Radar Technology and modern user interface for precision, higher safety, and clear illustration of detected objects
  • Multiple views flexibly offer best results in various situations
  • Screenshot feature supports quick and easy documentation; screenshots are downloadable via USB-C™ and SD card slot

The D-tect 200 C Professional detects all common objects and illustrates them clearly, while making documentation easy. Equipped with Bosch Radar Technology and an improved user interface, it stands for safer and more precise construction work. Multiple views allow for conveniently choosing the best option for different applications, such as Spot View, that makes detection in hard-to-reach locations especially easy. To provide solid evidence, the wallscanner´s innovative screenshot feature enables quick documentation.

The D-tect 200 C Professional supports both indoor and outdoor jobs, prevents damage during drilling, and measures concrete coverage.

The walls canner detects objects in depths up to 20 cm and indicates the object´s depth.


Technical data

The most important data

Bosch Radar Technology yes
Detectable objects magnetic metals (e.g. iron), non-magnetic metals (e.g. copper), live cables, non-live cables, Empty plastic pipes, water-filled plastic pipes, wooden substructures
Max. detection depth 200 mm
Detection depth, dry concrete, max. 200 mm
Detection depth, early age concrete, max. 60 mm
Detection depth, other wall types, max. 80 mm
Detection depth, wooden substructures, max. 38 mm
Accuracy ± 5 mm* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
Views Object view, Spot view, Signal View 2D, Signal View
Wall types Brick/Universal, Concrete, Drywall, Panel Heating, Early age concrete, Horizontal coring brick, Vertical coring brick
Dust and splash protection IP 5X
Documentation via USB-C, SD-Card
Updatable yes
Material identification Live cable, Magnetic metal, Non-magnetic metal, Non-metal material
Power supply 12 V Li-Ion battery, 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA), 4 x 1.2 V HR06 (AA)
Weight, approx. 0.7 kg
Additional function Leakage detection, distance measurement