Bosch AVZ 70 RT4 Remover 3 max for Multi-Tools 2608661757


Product highlights


AVZ 70 RT4 Removers 3 max for Multi-Tools

Starlock AVZ 70 RT4 remover 3 max provides three functions in one accessory:

  • First: Round tip is coated with carbide grit for grout and mortar removal in tight corners
  • Second: Tough cutting edge enables routing of grout joints between tiles
  • Third: Carbide grit coating also makes removing mortar and tile adhesive quick and easy

Product descriptions

The Starlock AVZ 70 RT4 remover 3 max provides three functions in one accessory. First, its high-quality carbide round-coated tip easily removes grout and mortar in tight corners. Second, the plate’s cutting edge efficiently routes grout joints between tiles. Third, its carbide grit coating quickly and effortlessly removes mortar and tile adhesive. This multi-functional accessory routes joints between tiles and through porous concrete and soft brick. It is also capable of removing joints in tight corners and cutting recesses into cement-bonded fibre boards and fibre-reinforced composites. It is suitable for use with all Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max power tools as well as common multi-tools.

The accessory is coated with a tough carbide grit 40 for high wear resistance and subsequently an extra-long life of excellent performance. The Starlock Snap-In mounting system allows fast blade removal and exchange within 3 seconds without having to touch the blade. The mounting system produces the highest power transfer due to a 3-dimensional tight-fitting connection between machine and accessory.